OMG! 47 Uniques on February 2

Believe it or not, according to the SquareSpace traffic monitor, I had 47 unique visitors to my site on February the 2nd. The reason this is post-worthy is that this is about a 300% increase on my normal background regular daily unique count of between 10 and 15. I have not had numbers like this since I posted a short series of photographs featuring ‘seriously cute niece’ at the Fairbridge Tourist Village back in September. At that time I managed to get 57 uniques on one day—which is still the record thanks to SCN.

What makes it even more curious is that I made no postings between the 31st January and yesterday so I am not sure what caused this upswing in visitors. The almost useless SquareSpace “Popular Content” counter just shows them all as visits to the “Journal” section; which is of no help at all when it comes to trying to work out what people were looking at.

If I knew what they were looking at then I would make sure that I posted more of that Smile

Maybe it was my “Font Humour” posting on the 31st of Jan (here).

Or it could have been the comfortable Anime mouse mat item (here). My son tells me that there are a huge number of people into Anime.

Or maybe it was my posting on Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive (here). I can imagine a few Google searches hitting that link.

I guess I will never know. But thank you for visiting. Please feel free to make comments. I do not have registrations enabled so you don’t have to register to make a comment—although you do have to pass the new “I really am a human and not a SPAM bot” test by correctly decoding some distorted text.