Issues with Live Writer 2011 (Centring Images)

Does anyone out there use Microsoft Live Writer 2011 to author their site content?

If so, do you know how to ‘fix’ it so that it will let me centre pictures again?

I used the previous version of Microsoft Live Writer (Live Writer 2010?) for about eight months and never had any problems with centring images in my posts. Then about early December 2010 I upgraded to Live Writer 2011, which really wasn’t an option—it just upgraded itself (more or less)—and now I cannot centre images. I can right-align them and I can left-align them with or without text wrapping, but if I centre them they will centre in my preview but when they get posted to the site the end up left justified.

After I publish a posting up to the site I cannot even use the SquareSpace site editor to go in and centre the images. Even though I select “Centre” when I save the changes the image will still be left aligned!

Is it so frustrating.

Please …. does anyone have any ideas on this?