SCN Reports Firefly Reboot Unlikely

Seriously Cute Niece posted the following comment to my article “Fans Trying to get Firefly Back in the Air (Space)”.


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So I decided I should do some Googling and try and find out the status of this venture; assuming I could. Firstly because there is a part of me that would have loved to see Firefly rebooted, and secondly, if they have got this initiative to the point of asking for pledges, then I want to pledge a daughter or two—oh, what I meant to say was ‘a couple of hundred bucks or so’.

Following is what I found …

From in their “Underwired” section.


From Hollywood Gossip.


From Screen Rant.


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So the bottom line here seems to be that a FireFly reboot is just not going to happen.

Such is life. You only ever get one chance at the really good stuff.