121 Hits on 18th March—Adrianne Palicki

18MarStatsI recently posted on how my monthly average of uniques (being the unique visitors to my site based on source IP address) for my site had gone from 20 to 50 (here). Well this morning I checked my site statistics, as I do every two or three days, and yesterday (in American time) I had 121 unique visitors!!

Seriously. See the proof in the table!! 121 uniques in the one day.

SquareSpace only provides the daily unique counts going back for one month but I am pretty sure this is the highest ever number of unique visitors to my site in one day. My last peak in unique visitors was back when I posted some pictures I took of Seriously Cute Niece (SCN) and from memory I got numbers something like 65 per day for a couple of days back then. Part of the reason I got a uniques peak then with my pictures of SCN was because I put a referring posting onto the DPReview (Digital Photography Review) site forums—so I probably got a number of link-overs from that site (so they could see the rest of my pictures of SCN).

So … what were these people looking at? Following is the breakdown from the SquareSpace statistics page for the 18th.


So, for at least 58.1% of the hits (which is about 70 of them), it seems that the main posting of interest for these people was my posting on Adrianne Palicki—about her being selected to play Wonder Woman in the reboot of the Wonder Woman TV series.

WWIf you want to check back and see that posting it is here [Use Ctrl+Click to open the link in a new Tab for all browsers except Opera … which uses Shift+Click instead].

Because my posting of Adrianne worked so well before in getting visitors to my site I thought I might try it again. So here, found on the Entertainment Weekly site, is Adrianne giving us an idea of how she will look in the Wonder Woman costume.

She was asked how ‘comfortable’ the costume is and said that probably the most uncomfortable part was the tightness around her chest to give her breasts support (which is code for “lift them up”) and to make sure the costume stays up with all the running and jumping she has to do.

From memory, and I really can’t be bothered doing a Google search to go and check, both the comic book Wonder Woman and the previous TV series Wonder Woman wore cut-off bikini-cut style briefs and not lycra leggings—as modelled here by Adrianne. If this is the case then the die-hard Wonder Woman fans are not going to be happy. Those types of fans are pretty particular about the costumes being basically correct and true to the comics.

Well I think the new Wonder Woman TV series is to be released in America this summer (for them, which is winter for us here in Australia). This being the case we don’t have much longer to wait to see Adrianne in full flight in her costume as Wonder Woman. It will be interesting to see how the series goes. Not that Adrianne is not great to look at but one would have to say that Wonder Woman is not really one of the more exciting Super Heroes; compared to Superman, Batman, or Iron Man—apart from her costume maybe. Perhaps they plan to compensate for Wonder Woman’s comparative lack of super-hero-ness by writing some compelling and absorbing story lines? It is, after all, a David E. Kelly project.