Miranda Kerr: IT Support Angel

KerrPinkAngelI was recently working on someone’s computer, which is something I often find myself doing—as regular readers would have gathered from many of my previous posts—so there is nothing new in that. But I happened to comment, as I was tinkering away solving an issue with this computer, that I hoped my trusty IT angel was hovering nearby because I really wanted this to work first time.

At that point I was asked what this “IT support angel” looked like and the first thing that came into my head was “a lot like Miranda Kerr when she had those pink and white wings on modelling for Victoria’s Secret”. Surprisingly nobody there knew what I was talking about. They had not seen pictures of Victoria’s Secret models wearing wings.

So, for the record, I have spent about an hour this morning sifting through the Web trying to find the image I was referring to. It has not been easy. It was some time ago that Miranda wore wings for Victoria Secrets and with so much (crap) piling onto the Web every hour of every day stuff from three years ago or so gets really buried in the searches. You need to apply all the clever search technique you know.

Anyway I found the image I had in mind. That is it up there top right. I tried to find a bigger version but was not able to.

In looking for that image I came across the following related images where Miranda participated in other Victoria’s Secret catwalk parades.


Okay. They look a lot more like butterfly wings but they do call them Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings in the accompanying narrative.


The following three pictures are bonus pictures—just because I found them in my dedicated and tireless search; and I thought I would share them.




I am not too sure Miranda Kerr would be flattered to be nominated as the IT support person’s angel, but then you never know. She could be into tech. One things is for sure—she is certainly an angel.