Justified: TV Series


Anyone who has watched the landmark TV series “Deadwood” will instantly recognise the person who played Sheriff Bullock of Deadwood—Timothy Olyphant. Deadwood was recognised as one of the most brilliant TV series made since Twin Peaks.

Well Timothy Olyphant is now in a new-ish series called Justified. Justified is no where near the awesomeness of Deadwood but then Deadwood was a dramatisation of actual history, and somehow that always works out pretty awesome when done well. Justified is pure fiction. Even so, it is pretty good.

I have only watched the first four episodes but it is good enough for me to want to watch some more.

Olyphant uses almost the same character-style he used for playing Sheriff Bullock. There is a lot of Sheriff Bullock in the character he plays in Justified, who is a Deputy U.S. Marshall called Raylan Givens.


If you get the opportunity I recommend giving Justified a chance.