More Emma Stone

I know at least one reader who is eager for more Emma Stone pictures. So here are a few pictures from the links provided by the reader mmmmHeels as well as a couple I found myself. But rather than just post them as I found them I have done a little “touching up” using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Nothing like adding in a bit of challenge—and turning a 20 minute post into a two hour photo editing session.

Letterman Show

Firstly a couple I found myself where Emma is about to go into David Letterman’s “The Late Show”.

These shots were taken at night and it is raining. Not the ideal situation to be taking pictures of someone. Also the photographer has dialled up too much flash so it has blanched out Emma’s skin tone to almost white. I suspect he dialled up something like 1.2x for flash (120%) to counter being in the open, because, as any photographer reading will understand, using flash “in the open” soaks up light. However the end result is way too much flash in these pictures. Either that or the camera he is using is useless at calculating the amount of flash required—which is always possible.



Heels of Fame: Oscar Party

The following pictures are from the “Heels of Fame” site link provided by mmmmHeels in the comments made on my first Emma Stone posting (here). This link has pictures taken of Emma when she attended the 2011 Oscar’s party.


EmmaOscars2Apart from cropping the images to make the tri-panel composite and applying a tiny bit of sharpening (unsharpening really) no other editing was done with the pictures in the above panel. Oh! There is my framing. The first framing colour 2 pixels wide was sampled from her shoes and the second 3 pixel wide layer, the blue, is sampled from the blue in her top.

The picture at right just looked so good I decided it needed more room to itself than to be included in the tri-panel above. It was originally going to be the middle panel but then I had to re-edit the composite and use some other picture because I decided to put this shot in by itself.

Both the tri-panel composite and the picture at right link to the “Heels of Fame” Web site and to the section featuring Emma. Don’t forget to use Ctrl+Click to open in a new Tab (or Shift+Click if you use Opera).

Out Shopping

The final set are of Emma out doing trolley shopping. It seems that sometimes even movie stars either feel the need to do their own trolley shopping, or perhaps just want the exercise? Who knows?


This mash-up of Emma out shopping has probably not turned out quite as I planned. It is a bit busier than I intended and it is a bit ‘flat’. But after two hours working on this post I just want to put it up now and move on.

Not that I am an expert on these matters, far from it really, but I am thinking that those fire-engine red heels don’t really go with those trousers and jacket.

Oh! Almost forgot. These images came from the buzznet site which can be found here. To go the first of the Emma shopping pictures go here and then just increment the number in the URL to see the other pictures full size.

Well presumably at least one reader is happy now Smile