350th Posting … Here … Now …

According to the SquareSpace counter this very posting, here, now, is my 350th posting.

If each posting was one A4 page long then that would be 350 pages. Actually I suspect the majority of them are more like two A4 pages at least because I know from documentation work that I do that the “average” A4 technical documentation body page is 400 words assuming standard 2.5cm side margins, 1cm top and bottom margins, an 11 point serif font, and two headings per page.

I know for a fact that many of my postings go well over the recommended 500 word extreme maximum limit for a blog posting. I find it so hard to be that brief. I try. Really I do.

However there are a sprinkling of very short postings that would bring the A4 page count average down. But then there are probably just as many ‘over length’ postings as well. Maybe the average posting size would actually work out to be about 2x A4 sheets. That would make 700 pages; and that is just the text and not including space taken by images.

Who knows? It really is too hard to work out.

I wonder how many words it is? And how many images I have edited, framed, and posted? Pity SquareSpace don’t give you statistics on stuff like that. But then I am probably in a minority group that would even want information like that.

Oh well. I wonder if I will make it to 500 postings before losing interest? I wonder if I could get to 100 regular readers by the time I get to 500 postings? It has taken me 350 postings to get to an average of 55 regular readers.