Coffee Condoms

We have a machine at my work that makes pretty darn nice coffee. It is a Nespresso coffee machine.

I tried explaining to my wife what the coffee capsules looked like and I said they look like condoms—for which I got a blank stare that said “as if”.

Well they do look like condoms. See for yourself.


CoffeeMachineAt right is a picture of the coffee machine. It is kind of obvious where the coffee capsules go.

Sorry about the somewhat less-than-crisp picture but it was taken with a smartphone (Motorola Defy) and I was maybe standing a little too far back (sort of forgetting at the time that the lenses in smartphones are basically wide angle lenses).


Above is the actual picture I took. I should have taken the shot with phone upright and got more of the coffee machine in so it could be made a little sharper. Notice also that the original picture had a green cast. Obviously the auto-colour balance in the Defy does not balance very well under fluorescent lighting.

Anyway, this post was about the condom shaped coffee capsules and not the coffee machine.