What Men Think About When They Are Not Thinking About Sex

I think that is my longest posting heading ever. I try to go for short headings but I just could not think of a good way to abbreviate it and still keep the key thrust embedded (so to speak).

I just had to post about this as much as I try not to simply re-post other postings.

This is from news.com (click the following image to go there).


ShedbookCoverBasically Mr. Simove ‘wrote’ a book called “What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex” which, more or less, apparently, contains 200 blank pages; and it has made the Top 50 Amazon Bestsellers list.

It is even available as an e-book (and it is a very small download).

It seems the idea of a blank book—because there is very little to say on the subject no matter how many years you put into the research phase—is not new. In 1970 a book was ‘written’ and published titled “Everything Men Know About Women” that contained no content and it can still be purchased today.

Mr. Simove attributes the success of his book to his persistence in promoting and advertising it everywhere he could.

This book is sort of along the lines of some of the jokes and sayings I have heard in my time like: “What does a man think about when he is not thinking about sex? Nothing! He’s dead.”

When he started out Mr. Simove tried selling his idea to Playboy and I love the reply he got.

PlayboyReplyAssuming this reply is bona-fide, and I doubt someone would fake this, then it is very interesting that in these days of word processing and millions of variable-spaced fonts that the font used is the classic mono-spaced Courier serif font as used by about 90 percent of typewriters.

I know that there are a number of Courier style soft fonts available but could it be that is was really typed out on a typewriter? Surely not.

Anyway, as close to the truth as it is, I found this story extremely amusing. I was thinking of buying a few copies. This book would make a great gift in the right situations.

If, like me, you are into reading, then I would recommend that you read Shed Simove’s own blog about the book (here). It is interesting, humorous, and even educational, if somewhat long at about 8 screens worth.

I also encourage you to watch the quick clip of the book being ‘reviewed’ on some UK morning show (here).