Uniques Falling: Strategy Meeting Held (ABotW Coming Soon)

For whatever reason the average number of unique visitors to my site per day is falling. After taking out my two days of peaks due to my Rapture postings my May+June average to date is under 55—which is six lower than my first quarter (January, February, March) average of 61. My content must be getting boring.

Too many photography postings maybe?

SoccerGirlsWallpaperTinyHowever I will point out that my photography postings do seem to get most of the comments. Which is sort of interesting; although I am not too sure why. My recent Autumn Orchard Pics posting (here) has five comments. Okay, admittedly two of them are my own answering the other posts. But even if we just count it as three comments then we have to go all the way back to the Soccer Girls posting (here) on the 15th May before we find another posting with three or more comments (not including reply comments from me). And the Soccer Girls posting is sort of a photography posting (even though I did not take the photograph).

Anyway, while I was away at site I sort of ended up having an impromptu meeting in the kitchen making coffee with a number of workmates where I glumly pointed out that my uniques average is falling. At this accidently convened strategy meeting it was decided that I should start doing a “Babe of the Week” posting—each week obviously. This approach even got the nod from the two females in the meeting room (a.k.a. the kitchen) at the time.

It was also further suggested that the Abalook Babe of the Week (ABotW) not be one of the usual predictable ‘babes’ like Jessica Abla or Miranda Kerr or Megan Fox or Brooklyn Decker.

So I am going to give it a go. It’s worth a try at least. Each weekend I will post up an Abalook Babe of the Week and try to put in some useful commentary to go with the pictures. I am not too sure how long I will keep it up. I could run out of different interesting ‘babes’, or it might make absolutely no difference to my uniques average, or it might just become too much like work and I don’t want my site to become work—it is supposed to be fun. If it starts to become work then I will just stop doing it.

A suggestion for the first ever Abalook Babe of the Week was Lucy Hale, whom I have to confess I had never heard of. So if you want to see what a “Lucy Hale” looks like and find out what she does then come back for another visit over the weekend sometime.

Hey!!! No cheating and Google searching for her now …..