ABotW: Lucy Hale

LucyHale1Here is Abalook’s first ever formal Babe of the Week. She is Lucy Hale. Lucy is 21 (soon to be 22 on the 14th June).

According to Wikipedia (here) Lucy is an American actress and singer.

For one so young she has been keeping pretty busy. Lucy has had roles in 20 TV series or telemovies.

Lucy apparently played Becca Sommers in the 2007 TV series Bionic Woman (Wikipedia). I didn’t even know there was such a TV series. I missed that somehow. See what you learn about on this site.

She was also in Scream 4 where she plays Sherrie.

Her other credits include Pretty Little Liars, CSI: Miami, Private Practice, How I Met Your Mother, and Privileged.

Lucy has an ‘official’ Web site which can be found here.

Looking at the stills of Lucy on her site taken on the set of the TV series Privileged it might be worth me checking out a couple of episodes of this.


Lucy2As a matter of interest, in case anyone was wondering, Lucy does not place on FHM’s Sexiest 100 for 2011.

In one of the interviews I came across in researching Lucy for this post she confesses to being “mad crazy about boys”. Well this probably works out pretty well because I am reasonably sure, based on the evidence I have posted here, that any boys that set eyes on Lucy will take about two seconds to become mad keen about her. Lucy tells us she is into guys that are a little nerdy and not obsessed with sport. I think in these changing times that probably describes about a third of all guys so I don’t think she is going have any trouble finding a few of them.

Lucy is seriously into shoes and in the picture following Lucy shows us a small part of her shoe collection.



I might have gone a little overboard with the framing on that picture. I took the two-tone green samples from the heels she is wearing and the pink sample from her top. Oh well. Might as will leave it like that now.

Following are four pictures found on the Web. These are not just any pictures just picked off after 5 minutes searching. I have deep-searched over a period of hours (counting last night and today searching) and tried to find pictures of Lucy that are not generally common. They also need be of good image quality without compression artefacts or digital noise. Also each picture has been re-balanced, levelled, soft-focus sharpened (where required), and framed, for your optimum viewing pleasure.





So endith Abalook’s first ever Babe of the Week posting.

If you have any suggestions for a future BotW, or if you think the BotW idea is a really bad idea, or a good idea even, then let me know in a comment.