Book Review: “Things Better Than Boobs”

A number of postings ago I put up an item about a book that contained nothing but blank pages. The book was called “What Men Think About When They Are Not Thinking About Sex”. If you missed it the posting is here.

BetterthanboobsJust recently someone who had read my post on that book informed me of another excellent book along similar lines and I have just now remembered him telling me about it. So, as you would, I decided to Google it.

The book is called “Things Better Than Boobs” and, quite obviously, all 128 pages in the book are completely blank.

When I Googled this book I did it as a literal search and even doing a literal search for “Things Better Than Boobs” I got 19,400 hits. These may not all be references to the book but judging on the first 10 pages of hits most of them did link to articles about the book.

Some of the ‘reviews’ are quite humorous. The review at Asylum (here) finishes the review with: “Let us know in the comments if you can think of anything better than boobs. We're stumped”.

The book even has a Facebook page (here).

[Image above links to Amazon page relating to this book]

One of the comments about the book at the funnyjunk site (here) says that the list in this book is going to be even shorter than the list in the book “Things I Can’t Afford” by Bill Gates.

One commenter feels that a billion dollars might be better than boobs, but is not sure (there is a question mark after the suggestion).

ThingsBetterThanThe review at right is from which is a site that does serious book reviews.

One of the comments at this site says: “Perhaps the most accurate book ever written”.

Despite the lack of any content this book costs US$11.19 new from Amazon. But I have to admit, it would be a fun book to have lying around. Like the book “What Men Think About When They Are Not Thinking About Sex” I guess this book would be a very quick download to your Kindle reader.