Uniques Up Slightly: Interesting ‘Popular’ Content

The number of unique visitors to my site has curved up over the last three days. My average for the last two months is 61 yet on Saturday I had 83 uniques, then on Sunday 114, then on Monday 92.

It always interests me when the numbers go up. I like to try and find out what people are looking at. I thought it might be my ABotW (Abalook Babe of the Week) postings. But no. The interest seems to be in the posting “Internet Porn: Too Much, Too Easy to Get; and Too Extreme” (here).

I can only assume that someone has linked over to this posting at my site from their site, or they have sent the link around in an e-mail to friends, or maybe they have put it on their facebook page. Whatever. As long as my uniques are going up Smile.

When I get a million regular readers I figure I can start selling advertising space and give up my day job . . . . . .