The Power of a Female’s PSAs


Came across this on Cracked, one of my regular sites to visit, and just had to repost it.

AnnePSApowerIt is a humorous, but generally true—as are all things on Cracked—posting about the awesome power of a woman’s boobs (primary sexual attractors) over males.

Both pictures link to the posting at Cracked.

For any of my male readers it is worth jumping over to Cracked just to see some of the educational examples of boobs exhibiting their mind blowing power, such as demonstrated by the stunning Anne Hathaway as she partially exposes the awesome power of her right-side PSA. It is understood that eight men tripped over and fell flat on their faces when Anne did this; they forgot to pick their feet up as they went to move forward.

Obviously a very popular posting with 8,507,105 views already. Must be a lot of sites linking over to it. Well I guess this makes another one.