Titbit: People Without Toilets = People With Internet

I just had to share this statistical nugget. According to GIGAom the number of users with the Internet reached a noteworthy milestone in about June of 2010. As of mid-2010 the number of Internet users equalled the number of people on the planet who did not have a functioning toilet.


According to GIGAom there were about two billion users (2,000,000,000) using the Internet by mid-2010 (I have no idea how they worked this out). Apparently this is also around about the number of people who had to crap in a creek or squat over a hole in the ground because they didn’t have even rudimentary toilet facilities (and I have no idea how they worked that number out either but I guess someone must keep track of key metrics like this).

[The picture links to the full article at GIGAom if you are interested in some other Internet facts; but all the other facts are sort of boring as they relate to financial aspects of the Internet]

BarryMarkP.S. If there are 2+ billion people on the Internet why can’t I get my unique visitor count higher than about 65?