Titbit: Lindsay Lohan Broke in Court Wearing $1,200 Heels

LindsayCourtLindsay Lohan recently claimed in court that she was broke and could not afford the ongoing cost of counselling ordered by the judge.

It was later pointed out by some very observant news reporter that Lindsay cannot be too broke as she was wearing 6” Christian Loubourtin Butterfly black leather heels in court on the day.

If you want to read more then try here and here.

As part of my relentless research I Google’d these shoes in order to verify the price. And yes the black version does cost US$1,195. But interestingly—of the three sites I checked—these shoes were “Sold Out” (e.g., here).


[This was as small as I could make the picture and you could still see it says “Out of Stock” and the price.
The picture links to the related US Louboutin Web site page]

I wonder if Lindsay got any commission for wearing these that day; or am I making too much of a leap thinking that her wearing them and getting them splashed across an unknown number of pages in papers and magazines (and blog sites, cough) might be the cause of them selling out?

US$1,200 … That is not much less than my new K-5 camera body cost me! I wonder if they have three hi-tech CPUs (central processing units) in them?

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