SCN Breaks the Comment Drought

I was getting ready to craft up a post about how I had done 21 posts without any sign of a comment from anyone … but SCN (seriously cute niece) broke the drought and posted four comments all at once. I swear, cross my heart, that I did not contact her and ask her to punch in some comments. She did it without any direct begging from me. Really.

Then, not too long after SCN made her comments, there were a handful of comments (well, another four) from other readers. Interestingly—well I thought so anyway—apart from SCN, only one of the recent comments was from a ‘regular’ commenter (weewilly).

SCN commented on:

  • Lindsay Lohan Broke in Court Wearing $1,200 heels (here).
  • Perth House Prices Continue to Fall (here).
  • K-5: Ghost Tree in the Mist at ISO 800 (here).
  • Interesting Computer and Internet Statistics (Sort of) (here).

Other readers commented on:

  • K-5: Ghost Tree in the Mist at ISO 800—comment from “f22” (here).
  • Three Thoughts on Buying a New Monitor for Your PC—comment from “weewilly” (here).
  • The Power of a Female’s PSAs—comment from “justpassing” (here).
  • Book Review: “Things Better Than Boobs”—comment from “techo_Pete” (here).

The comment from “techo_Pete” to the “Things Better Than Boobs” book review posting was sort of humorous, so for those that don’t want to punch the link and go and check it out I thought I would put it here.


If you don’t find this slightly funny then you probably have not read the book review.

And in closing I will just add: What other blog gives it commenters this kind of special treatment? Okay. You’re right. If I had hundreds of comments going on I could not do it. It is only because I have SO few that I can do a post highlighting the few I get.