Yellowstone National Park: Awesome Pictures

I came across this link at Goodshit (see elsewhere in this site for more information about the Goodshit site). The linked site, which is the Atlantic site, shows 41 photographs taken at Yellowstone National Park in the USA.

Following are three pictures I have sampled from the site. Go to the Atlantic site (here) to see all 41 pictures and you can also see them at 1280x (1,280 pixels wide) at that site—assuming you have a screen that can display at least 1,280 pixels wide.

They are only shown in 640x (half width) here and they are also 60 percent compressed so they are lacking a small amount of detail and crispness.




[All pictures link to the Atlantic site. Use Ctrl+Click to open in a new Tab]

From memory, and I could be wrong as I have not checked, Yellowstone Park in the USA was the first officially recognised national park gazetted anywhere in the world. It is 3,500 square miles (or so) in size. So if it were square, which it isn’t, it would have boundaries that are about 60 miles long—about 100 kilometres for my Australian readers. The park sits on a 45 mile wide volcanic system.