3 Days Away from 2 Years of Posting

I have just realised that in three days time (which will be Thursday) I will have been posting for two years. My first posting titled “First Blog Post” (what else would it be called?) was on the 18th August 2009.

I guess it is fair to say that my site has not been the ‘success’ I thought it might be.

I never intended to make money from it by selling advertising space so getting visitor counts in the hundreds of thousands was never a target. But with 184,000,000 people reportedly active on the Internet at any point in time—and that is a number from 2009 so it would be much higher now (I wouldn’t be surprised if it has doubled in that time)—I thought that maybe something like 500 regular visitors in two years might be a possibility.

However, as regular readers would know—discounting the odd two or three days where it sometimes just makes it to 100 uniques—basically my count is hanging around the 60 per day mark and has not increased since about Christmas.

As a percentage of 184,000,000 that is 0.0000326 percent.