Link-overs: Puzzle of the Soccer Girls

SoccerGirlsUniquesOver the last three four or five days there must be some site that is linking over to my posting “The Puzzle of the Soccer Girls Wallpaper”. My uniques have jumped up to peak at 137 on the 14th September, which is about double my normal of around 60 to 65 uniques per day.

A check of the popular content statistics indicates that 43 percent of these were direct links to the the Soccer Girls wallpaper posting.

SoccerCommentsThe most annoying thing about the SquareSpace statistics is that I cannot tell what site the link-overs are coming from.

They are all bundled into the one category of “Direct Links”.

Even though there have apparently been all these additional people checking out the Soccer Girls wallpaper posting, which is shown below (and the picture links to the original posting on my site) there are no new comments being added. The comments on the posting are the same ones that were added not long after the article was originally put onto the site (as shown above).


I would point out to the comment above posted by “Ryan” where he says that they are ‘Not all the same girl’ that they really are all the same girl.

Also for ‘xavidx’, who I have not seen post any comments for some time (so maybe he/she is no longer visiting my site), and anyone else who might want it, you can get a 980KB 1680x1050 wide-screen wallpaper version of this picture here at my SmugMug gallery and you won’t need the Abalook gallery password to get it.