Looks Fishy to Me: Page View Stats Off the Scale

SuspectSomething a bit odd is going on with my site.

Today, and the day has not yet ended, the posting Views on my site have gone off the scale—well off my relatively small scale anyway. Posting Views have gone from around 120, which basically means my fairly regular 60 or so readers check about two to three postings on each visit, way up to 684. That is three times the norm!

The number of visitors has not gone up, just the Views.

This sort of does not make sense really. Why would visitors to the site all of a sudden be looking at 11.5 different postings each when they ‘normally’ only look at two or three on each visit?

Very suspicious.

It is not bots. The number of bots hitting my site is sitting around the normal 40 to 45 per day.

Last night I set up and linked in my SmugMug gallery but I cannot work out any reason why that would cause the posting View counts to go up by so much.

A check of the popular content for the day chart does not indicate any particular posting that is creating the excitement so it is not some other site linking over to a featured posting.

These new posting Views seem almost to be evenly spread across all postings for the last few months.

So it has me perplexed. I don’t know if my site is under some kind of attack or there are maybe a small number of visitors who are looking at every posting I ever made; because there are now about 460 postings. If for some reason a couple of visitors were trawling through my back-catalogue (so to speak) then that would sort of explain the spike in posting Views.

You can be sure I will be keeping on eye on this. It does have me marginally concerned.