How True is This?—Information Increasing, Knowledge Dropping

I bumped into this picture over at the “this isn’t happiness” site. I just had to share it.


It reminded me of one of the “Big Ideas” talks on the ABC along the same lines where the amount of information mankind has stored away in the last six years is more than the sum total of all information previously collected in the history of man before that—based on pages of information stored. Yet there is a growing view that the man’s collective knowledge is decreasing.

I keep telling you life is perverse. The more information we pull together the less we know.

For anyone interested, clicking on the image above will take you to the “this isn’t happiness” site which is a rolling collection of very different images that are pulled together from all over the Web. The pictures featured are intended to make you think about things a little differently, even if just for a few seconds.

Here is another example.