HSD: Looming Coffee Shortage

Holy Snapping Duckshit! It seem there is a looming shortage of coffee and the wholesale cost of coffee beans is forecast to increase by as much as 30 to 40 percent by the middle of the year.

Folks … this is serious.


Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world—Crude Oil is number one.

CoffeeBeansCan you imagine the impact if the cost of a cup of coffee outstrips the average worker’s morning tea or lunch time allowance? We are going to have half-asleep dozy inattentive people working in offices, driving cars, controlling processing plants, constructing buildings, piloting aircraft, steering ships, and all kind of other activities I can’t think of right now. The potential for mistakes to be made will skyrocket if people cannot afford their regular cup of coffee.

On PerthNow (here) they are warning we could even be facing a “coffee drought”. That has got to be a bad thing.


If all those incredibly smart people working in the finance industry caused something as bad as the Global Financial Crisis back in 2009 when they had ‘cheap’ coffee freely available then can you even being to imagine the chaos and destruction that is going to occur if the regular cheap supply of quality coffee dries up? They will all start to get the jitters and start making even more devastating and far reaching mistakes as they are forced to forgo their morning and mid-morning coffee fixes.

Could it be that the lack of coffee is what will actually end up bringing about the 2012 ‘end of world’?

What if world economies have to start rationing coffee? You will need to have government issued coffee stamps before you can even buy a coffee.

Food for thought—or should that be ‘Coffee for thought’?