Titbit: Alcohol Can Double Lifespan


Breakthrough research presented by Steven Clarke, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UCLA, shows that moderate regular doses of alcohol can double the lifespan.


The two key words here being ‘regular’ and ‘moderate’.

Like most things in life, too much alcohol too often has the reverse effect and can activate dormant cancers, accelerate existing cancers, and cause damage to primary organs including the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Also the ‘regular’ part of this recipe for a longer life means administering alcohol in two hourly doses, which in our modern world of zero tolerance for alcohol while working means there is no way that we can implement this life extending formula.

My father used to part own and run a country store and he always had a beer or whiskey ‘on the go’ in the back room. He used to order his whiskey directly from Burns Philp wholesalers in wooden crates that contained five dozen (60) bottles. Down in the “big shed” at the back of the shop there was often two or three crates of whiskey.

Many was the time when I was ‘helping' out in the shop would I be instructed to go and get a new cold bottle of beer and open it and fill his glass. In between customers he would duck down and have a quick drink. Maybe he knew something about this life-extending formula even way back then.

No chance I can do this at my work no matter how many years it might add to my life.