CuteBabePic 001: Hilary Duff

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I forget which one, I have decided to abandon the Abalook Babe of the Month (ABotM) postings. They often take several days to pull together starting with looking for the pictures, editing the pictures ‘up’ to look their best, and then working out what to write to go with the pictures.

When I go back through the statistics it turns out that the ABotM postings don’t actually draw in that many visitors. In fact since I started taking note no ABotM posting has made it into the Top 10 linked-to postings. So three days getting an ABotM posting ready and polished is a lot of time to invest for a posting that does not bring in many visitors.

So—no more ABotM postings. They are too much work.

However, in all the crawling around I do on the Web—or ‘interweb’ as the new popular term seems to be—I often come across great pictures of models and celebrities that, to me, are crying out to be digitally enhanced and posted. So what I am going to do is start a new regular posting I am calling CuteBabePic.

I was going to call these postings CBP for short, but then I thought that CBP just sounded so flat and boring so I decided to go with “CuteBabePic”.

I will also number them, because that is just the sort of person I am—I like to number things.

So here is my first CuteBabePic which features Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff 650x

And because it is my first CuteBabePic posting there are two pictures although in future the plan is only to post one picture per posting—but that is not a hard and fast rule.


This takes a heap less time than the ABotM postings and hopefully it will have the desired effect of drawing in a few new visitors.