Titbit: So Much Data

TooMuchDataFWJust came across this infographic on John C. Dvorak’s blog (here).

It is a summary of “The World of Data” put together by Good and Oliver Munday in associated with IBM.

I realise that these “so much data on the Internet” type infographics are a dime a dozen. A new one seems to pop up somewhere every couple of weeks. But this one was done in association with IBM so it is highly likely that there were some validity checks done before it got published.

I realise that it is too hard to make out much in the image above so following are the left and right sides of the inforgraphic enlarged for easier reading. You can also click the image above to go to the full-sized image online [use Ctrl+Click to open in a new Tab].



This is just a titbit posting so I won’t go into any detailed analysis of these numbers but there is one set of numbers that I found kind of interesting. According to this infographic 2.9 million e-mails are sent every second. That works out to 174 million per minute, or 10,440 million per hour, which is 250,560 million per day.

Then note that there are 50 million tweets on Twitter every day.

Assuming these statistics are more or less accurate that means that for every tweet on Twitter 5,011 e-mails are sent.

I thought that was kind of interesting.