My interest in the site has declined over the last few months

As regular readers will have probably gathered my enthusiasm for Abalook has decayed a bit over the last few months. I basically have not done a single posting while working away at site for the last three or four months. The only postings I have done have been on weekends back at base and they also have been getting a little scarce.

I won’t shut the site down yet. I will keep the site name registered and continue to pay my fees to SquareSpace. Who knows? Maybe I will get a burst of enthusiasm and get back into posting again. I certainly have enough topics stored up in OneNote to do about two more years of postings.

I more or less started Abalook as a place to feature some of my photography. But that never really got going. Even so I kept Abalook going for a solid three years which far exceeds the statistical average for an active site—which is around five months.

But I never really got exciting unique visitor numbers. The last three days have been around 160. The only really high-ish numbers were with my postings of SCN and the other babe postings I have done here and there. But even so I never got anything up around 1,000. With so many people on the Internet you would have thought 1,000 uniques would have been easy to achieve.

I have only had three comments this month. Two of those were on the Emilia Clarke posting. Thanks to ‘grills’ for the suggestion that I should do a “babe picture very week” because out of my Top 5 views four of them were babe related.


But really; doing babe postings is hard work. First you have to decide on who to post. Then you have to find a few high quality pictures to use. They will always need photo-editing to make them look their best and that can take a little bit of work. And finally you need to find some narrative to put with them.

It can take half a day to put that sort post together—with a coffee or two slotted in.

The third comment in October (to date) was from my wife who pointed out that the world did not end on the 15th of October. So I guess that increases the possibility the 21st of December is THE day that the world will end.

So, just to let you know that the postings, if any, are likely to be few and far between unless I get motivated again.

Thank ya’all for visiting . . .