Jennifer Lawrence voted ‘most desirable’ by AskMen readers

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of “The Hunger Games”, has been voted the most desirable woman by readers of AskMen and she made it to the top of the list by the largest margin since Askmen started their ‘99 most desirable’ women polls.

For anyone not familiar with Jennifer, that’s her below. I have a couple of other postings of her in my Hunger Games posting from back in March (which can be found by clicking on the first picture of Jennifer below).



For those who have not been to AskMen in the last two weeks or so, following are the Top 10:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence.
  2. Mila Kunis.
  3. Kate Upton.
  4. Rihanna.
  5. Emma Stone.
  6. Miranda Kerr.
  7. Kristen Stewart.
  8. Jessica Gomes.
  9. Jessica Paré.
  10. Michelle Jenneke.

I know the top 8 women in the list above but I have to confess, even with the hundreds of hours I spend weaving around the Web every week, I have not heard of Jessica Paré or Michelle Jenneke. A very quick check around shows that Michelle Jenneke is an Australian sportswoman so it is a bit embarrassing I had not heard of her. Jessica Paré is a Canadian actress.

I am not too happy with Rihanna polling above Emma Stone. Seriously. How can that possibly be? And I am not too sure how Kristen Stewart made it into the Top 10. She can be hot but mostly she’s not. To me she is more of a Top 20. For Kristen to look like Top 10 material she has to be perfectly made up, the lighting has to be spot on, she has to be using her “not totally pissed off at everyone” face, and the photographer has to have been trained by Playboy.

Whereas Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone will look seriously desirable even if they were made up by their mothers and the photographs were taken in the worst lighting by a rank amateur photographer.

Here is a final picture of Jennifer looking amazing at the premier of The Hunger Games.