Melancholy and depressed: Dropped into Twin Peaks mode

I am having one of my somewhat regular (these days) melancholy and depressed days. I am kind of used to such days but it seems they are happening more often lately than they used to. Used to be that they came around about quarterly but this year the slider seems to have moved to the right a bit, across to monthly, with the occasional bump up against fortnightly.

Quite often when I drop into these moods I think of that amazing TV series Twin Peaks. Many times I will get up Google and search around for new ‘Twin Peaks’ stuff that I might not have found on my thousand or so previous searches for Twin Peaks stuff. Have I mentioned somewhere in a previous post that I own a copy of every DVD edition of Twin Peaks released, including the Gold Edition?

Well, I don’t know what I put in Google that was different, but I found a new Twin Peaks site. I found ‘Welcome to Twin Peaks’. The following banner picture links to the site.


This site is current (the last posting to it was 30th November this year) and contains all kinds of Twin Peak related news and associated trivia.

Based on one of their rotating banner notifications it seems this site has been around for about two years now. The banner notification (shown below) talks about celebrating one year and that is dated 20th January. So, assuming I have decoded this correctly, then on the 20th January next year (2013) the site will have been running for two years.


You might ask “What does the stunning Zooey Deschanel have to do with Twin Peaks?”


Well it turns out she spent a lot of time on the Twin Peak’s sets. She knew all the actors. Turns out both her parents worked on Twin Peaks. Her mother is Mary Jo Deschanel who played Eileen Hayward in the series (the wife of the town doctor), and her director father, Caleb Deschanel, directed a number of the episodes. If you want to find out more then the picture of Zooey above links to the posting.

Some time ago, at least a year ago, maybe two (time flies when you are my age), there was talk of a 16:9 digitally enhanced 720y quality manual transfer being done of Twin Peaks. Sadly I cannot find any new information about this.

Okay. I am about done. Time to go and get a whiskey. I will leave you with a picture of the character Laura Palmer who is basically the star of Twin Peaks—even though she is dead for the entire series.