First Aid Kit

Recently on one of my regular weekend visits with my somewhat wheelchair bound disabled mate he took me through his e-mail and showed me some of the funny and interesting emails he had received during the week. One of the e-mails he opened had a link to the “Welcome to Earth—Universal Time-lapse” video on YouTube and we started to watch it.

While the video itself was not that interesting (after you have watched a few time-lapse videos they start to become boring) I took a liking to the soundtrack that was used.

Just so that you can hear the soundtrack for yourself, should you want to, following is the “Welcome to Earth—Universal Time-lapse” video.

Soundtrack features First Aid Kit.


As I mentioned, I liked the soundtrack more than the video. So I did some research to work out who it is. The ‘band’ is First Aid Kit and the track is Wolf.

So then I researched First Aid Kit a little further. First Aid Kit is two sisters from Sweden: Johanna and Klara. Wikipedia refers to them as a Swedish folk duo although, in my opinion, this categorisation is a little restrictive.

Turns out that they have released two albums. The first was in 2010 called “The Big Black and The Blue” and the second, just released in January this year (2012) is ‘The Lion’s Roar”.

As you might expect the album “The Lion’s Roar” has a track on it of the same name. The following YouTube video is the video for “The Lion’s Roar”.

First Aid Kit


Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I liked it (errr, loved it) but then I am into female singers with angelic ethereal voices. Delores O’Riordan of the Cranberries has to be one of my all time favourite female singers, oh, and then there is Andrea Corr, and also Dido.

I now have the album and there is not a track on it I don’t like. Also Klara, who does all the guitar playing, has a playing style very similar to mine—not that I have picked up a guitar in seriousness now for about about 20 years (sadly).

FirstAidKitFor anyone wanting a closer look at First Aid Kit this is them. Klara on the right and Johanna on the left (man I hope I got that right).

It’s not easy to find pictures of them because if you use Google and go to images and put in “First Aid Kit” then Google brings up a whole slew of images of, you guessed it, first aid kits Smile

Should you be the slightest bit interested First Aid Kit’s official Web site is here (and the picture of them links to it as well).