It’s Official—Male Sex Drive is the Cause of the World’s Conflicts

After five years of study and research into something known as the “male warrior hypothesis” a body called the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (I have no idea what the “B” is for) have published their findings.

Male sex drive is to blame for the world’s conflicts.

It seems men are pre-programmed to be aggressive and resistive towards any other males they view as outsiders. This base primeval drive, over which they have practically no control, works to improve the male’s status in the ‘herd’ and helps them to gain access to more females for mating.

In contrast women are pre-programmed with a “tend and befriend” attitude. This helps them in seeking to resolve conflicts peacefully as a means for protecting and providing care for their children.

Professor Mark van Vugt, who was one of the lead researchers in the study, pointed out that a solution to this “kill for sex” mentality in males is elusive because it will take thousands of years for such pre-programming of the brain to devolve.

What I want to know is how come it took them five years to work this out? I think they were just stalling on finishing up the project so they could get paid longer.

Should you be so inclined you can find a longer summary of the published outcome here at Goodshit.