Memes from

I have come across this site called (here) where people ‘make’ and post up what are supposed to be memes. Technically they aren’t really memes because, from my understanding of what a meme is, a meme is a truism passed down through generations by repetition and possibly associated with small acts or plays.

In fact I am now looking it up in my faithful Chambers Dictionary and they say a meme is … OMG! They don’t have ‘meme’ in my Chambers Dictionary. Holy Cow!

Okay. There has to be a Chambers Dictionary online somewhere. I will check that.

Well I found Chambers Dictionary online (here) but they still don’t have ‘meme’ listed. So that makes it official then. Meme is not even a real word.

As a last resort I will try Wikipedia, but as we all know you cannot trust stuff in Wikipedia.

Maybe in these days of the Internet memes has a new meaning.

Anyway I found some of the so-called memes on Quickmeme quite humorous.