HSD: Gas Price in the USA Edging Towards $4.00/Gallon

Holy Snapping Duckshit—gas prices in the USA are threatening to bump up against $4.00 per gallon by mid-year if something isn’t done!

At this point I probably should provide some interpretations. In America they refer to petrol as gas. I have no idea what they call gas. Also in America they measure liquid volumes in gallons and not litres. I actually prefer gallons and often wish Australia had not converted to litres. But then, to totally confuse the issue, there are two gallons—the (smaller) US gallon and the (larger) Imperial/UK gallon.

There are 3.785 litres in a US gallon. There are 4.546 litres in a UK/Australian gallon.

Uhhhm … okay … so based on the US gallon that would make the price of gas (petrol) in America $1.057 in US currency or about $1.00 per litre in Australian dollars (our dollar is currently worth more than theirs).

Based on petrol (errr, gas) currently costing about $1.50 in Australia that makes gas in the USA about a third—50 cents per litre—cheaper than it is in Australia.

If we used US gallons here then we would currently be paying $5.70 per gallon, or about $1.40 more than they are likely to be paying per gallon in the USA by mid-year unless the market price turns downwards or the US government takes some other action.