Really Quick Photography Posting: Pink and White Carnations

For a site that has the credo “All time is wasted wot is not spent taking photographs” there are not many posting of photographs taken by me on here. I decided I really needed to take a picture or two of something so I grabbed the vase of flowers off the kitchen table and went out and took a few snaps of those.

Yep. Here I am. With my awesome sate-of-the-art Pro-am Camera of the Year for 2010 Pentax K-5 with six lenses—reduced to taking close-up pictures of flowers. I hate close up pictures of flowers. Close up pictures of flowers would be in the Top 5 things I hate pictures of, along with sunsets and close up pictures of bugs.

But anyway … like a drunk reduced to drinking metho or very cheap cask plonk, here I am with my aching desire to take pictures of something, anything, reduced to taking close up snaps of flowers. Not even flowers in my garden—because I don’t have any—but store bought flowers from the vase in the kitchen.



As usual the pictures were taken as RAW/DNG and developed using DxO with lens adaptations enabled, then cropped, sharpened, and resampled to fit my column width posting using Photoshop Elements 9.

For anyone who might be interested they were taken hand-held at ISO 400 and f11. I used f11 to try and get some extra depth of field so more of the flower appeared to be in focus.