31 Mobile Phones Announced at MWC 2012

This week there was the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. As well as all the other ‘mobile’ stuff that was announced—tablets and such—31 new mobile phones were announced. This count does not include phones announced just before MWC such as the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

Does anyone but me think this is getting a tiny bit insane?

Anyway, In no particular order, among these 31 were:

  • The Huawei Ascend D Quad which was claimed to be the world’s fastest smarphone—that is until something faster gets announced, which will likely be next week.

  • The LG Optimus 4X HD which is supposed to have the most natural colours on a 4.7” HD display using GeForce graphics.

  • The LG Optimus VU with its whopping super-crisp 5” screen.

  • HTCOneXThe HTC One X with Quad Core power (shown at right), an incredible 4.7” IPS LCD technology display, 32GB of in-camera storage, comes in pink (as well as black and white), is amazingly thin, has a very good 8MP camera, and runs v4 of Android. Another claim-to-fame by HTC for the On X is that it has zero camera shutter lag.

  • The Nokia 808 Pureview with its unbelievable 41MP camera that has a LOT of amazing tricks up it sleeve but you can’t actually take a 41MP picture with it.

  • The Sony Xperia P which has a white pixel in its pixel array. All other displays basically have red, green, and blue pixels and to get white they turn all three pixels in each pixel cluster on fully because 100% of red, green, and blue equals white. But turning all pixel hard on to get white chews up battery power, so Sony put in a white pixel. The outcome of this is that much less power is used to display white because you don’t need to run three pixels at full power to get white; just one. Sounds interesting—not too sure how well this works for real.

  • The ASUS Padfone. The Padfone’s best trick is that you can buy a dock for it and when it is docked it becomes a walk-around 10.1” tablet. Add a keyboard and you have a netbook.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Beam is a smartphone with a built in projector—seriously. This neat looking black and yellow bumble-bee looking smartphone can project an 80 lumen image onto any convenient wall so you can show off your pictures or videos to a group of people much more effectively. Just how well this really works we will have to wait and see.

  • The Orange Inc Santa Clara which is powered by an Atom processor, which is a PC-level processor. It has a 4.3” display and an 8MP camera.

  • And last in the ‘top 10’ out of the 31 is the Polaroid  Pro. Yep. Polaroid is getting into mobile phones. This is an Android-based phone and, at this stage on a first read, it does not seem to have any ‘special’ features but I had to include it in the list just because it is from Polaroid.

Out of all of these I think the most interesting is the HTC One X.

But I still have my Motorola Defy that I got about 18 months ago. For me the phone part is the important part. I want a good phone with a good antenna and at least a three day battery life way before I want a built in projector, access to a million apps, or a better camera.

BarryMarkFor anyone interested this post was set using the sans-serif font Arial (size is 12pt) as I continue to try and decide whether to change fonts for my posts or not.