Titbit: Hunger Games “Amazing”

The movie the Hunger Games has been at selected theatres in America now since the weekend. The verdict of the critiques: Much better than the last big franchise phenomenon, Twilight.


Critiques are especially praising the performance of the primary character played by Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence, 21, who has recently been working to raise her sexiness profile by doing spreads for Esquire and GQ magazines, plays the16 y.o. teenager Katniss in the movie.

JLawence2As the book from which the movie is adapted is written in the first person—from the view of Katniss—Jennifer is almost never not on the screen.

One review states that this is “the best adaption of a popular book to the screen in years”.

I am currently ‘reading’ the Audible book version of The Hunger Games. At this point I am only up to chapter seven. Even when ‘reading’ an Audible book it is hard to find time to fit it in. I will say, however, that of the three Audible books I have attempted to ‘read’ over the last three or four weeks—which have been Game of Thrones, The Name of the Wind, and this one—I am finding that this one is the best. The woman ‘voice acting’ The Hunger Games does a superb job.

Sadly I probably will not be able to see the movie in a theatre but you can bet that as soon as it makes it to DVD I will either rent or buy it.

The director, Gary Ross, who—according to Wikipedia—also contributed to the screen play adaption from the book, says that he will not be bothering with all the additional work it takes to make a 3D version when they start filming the second book. His view is that the story is so well told and so engaging that the 3D version adds nothing to the viewing experience or the story, but adds months to the filming time and adds significantly to the costs. This view seems to be vindicated by most reviewers, who at this stage suggest that the non-3D version is the version to see.


The Hunger Games hits theatres in Australia this Thursday.

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