Country Girls Wear Shorter Shorts

Regular readers will be aware that I work away most of the week. I travel about two hours down to where I am currently working and I overnight down there for the two or three or four nights; as required. Thankfully not too many of my working weeks away are five day tours although lately a concerning number of them have become four day stints—even thought my original agreement was for three days on site, and to work-from-base on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

Now I will admit that when I am back at base in Perth I don’t really get out and about that much. I mostly hang around the house punching up stuff on the computer or reading or catching up on sleep; although most weekends I do make the effort to go over to my friends place for an afternoon visit on either the Saturday or the Sunday. So I am not entirely house bound.

But my point here is that I tend not to go to shopping centres, or into “town” (i.e., Perth itself), and these are probably the places where most of the babes-in-the-wild are likely to be parading.

ShortshortsWell comparing the babes-in-the-wild scenery in the country town where I stay when I am away to that which I glimpse when I am back in Perth it is  my observation that—of those girls that like to wear shorts—country girls wear the shorter shorts.

Now it may well be that it gets hotter in those mining locations, or it could be that the shops just don’t stock regular length shorts due to the extra weight and shipping costs, or possibly—due to the insane cost of designer shorts—the girls were unable to upgrade their shorts this year and had to wear last year’s outgrown shorts. Whatever the reason, my call on this is that the country girls are in front when it comes to who wears the more eye-catching shorts.

I should point out that the sample group used for determining my outcome is somewhat small having only set eyes on maybe four or five pairs of such super-short shorts over the entire summer.

I would also like to make it perfectly clear that this posting should not be construed as a complaint in any way, shape, or form. I don’t have any problems with girls wearing super short shorts.

Oh! The picture shown is not—sadly—one of mine. It is something I turned up on the Web simply to use as an example, and I would point out that the country girls I am talking about were not wearing shorts quite this eye-catching.

The girl in the picture wouldn’t want to put anything in her back pockets because it would simply fall out!

In closing a special mention of the black-haired girl in Subway (next to the newsagent) last Wednesday afternoon (the 29th of Feb) in the pale pink short shorts with the little tassels (or whatever they are called) that dangled down the sides. I tried to find a picture on Google of shorts with tassels on the sides like that but when I searched for “shorts with tassels” nothing even remotely close came up (so maybe tassels is not the right word). Anyway—on the one in a billion chance you or one of your friends happens to come across this—you inspired me to make a note in OneNote when I got back to my motel unit to do a posting about how country girls wear the shortest shorts.