Triple J Discovers “First Aid Kit”

FAK2Even though I am approaching 60 the radio station I listen to most is Triple J.

I love music and I love the variety on Triple J. Triple J is where I came across Lana Del Rey, Goyte, and the unearthed winners Snakadaktal (hope I spelt that right).

Driving back to the motel from site this evening Triple J played Lion’s Roar by “First Aid Kit”. I was so excited to hear First Aid Kit on Triple J.

I posted here about First Aid Kit way back on the 17th of Feb (here).

It gets even better. Triple J will have First Aid Kit performing live in the studio next week. I really have to find our what day and when so I can be sure not to miss it.

For anyone on the east coast (of Australia) it gets even better. It seems First Aid Kit will be performing at various venues in NSW and Victoria all next week.

As my son would say … I am jelly (jealous) of people who can go to one of these performances.