Titbit: Rising Sex Disease Rates with FIFO Workers

I am not too sure that this article in today’s Western Australian should really come as a surprise to anyone—not to anyone who understands human nature anyway.

It seems that doctors and hospitals in various major regional centres across Western Australia, including Perth, are noticing a significant increase in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) workers.

I was recently involved in a conversation where the topic of discussion was ‘semi-mobile’ brothels that are located at a number of popular FIFO airports, including Perth Airport. These brothels of convenience are located in long-term carparks in or near the airports and provide services to incoming FIFO workers coming off site and desperate for some female-induced climatic ‘relaxation’, or at the other end, providing a quick round of female attended pleasant relief for workers about to go on site for a three or four or five week (or longer) tour.

One of the concern raised is that in many cases these men then pass on these STDs to girlfriends or wives.

But seriously … that’s life … always has been … always will be …