Titbit: Finished ‘Reading’ Catching Fire

CatchingFireOn the two and a half hour drive back from site last Friday evening I finished ‘reading’ the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy—Catching Fire.

As anyone who has been checking into my site regularly will know I am actually listening to these books as audible books. They are very well read (or ‘voice acted’ as the popular terminology seems to be) by Carolyn McCormick.

I tried ‘reading’ the audible version of Game of Thrones and then, after that did not work out so well, I had a go at ‘reading’ Name of the Wind; but I did not finished either of these books—although I might go back and try Name of the Wind again at some time. Either they do not work as voice-acted books or the person reading them was not as good as Carolyn.

So what did I think of Catching Fire? It was great and I can’t wait now to start ‘reading’ the final book in the trilogy.