Titbit: 33 is the Happiest Age: Crap—I missed it!

You can’t have not seen this. It is has been on just about every paper and magazine site I have visited in the last few days.

If you did miss it then here is one of the many postings about it. Here is another at the Huffington Post, complete with a video (which I did not bother to watch). Here is another.

It seems that some research by someone has worked out that the peak age for happiness is 33. Sadly the same research indicates that happiness falls of somewhat rapidly after peaking at 33.

This news is kind of depressing. This means my happiest days are behind me. Well and trulu behind me. Worse, I sure don’t recall being that happy at 33. Even worse, here I was thinking there was some small chance I might have at being deliriously happy in the days ahead somewhere, but now, it would seem, statistically, this is very unlikely.