Smartphone Beta Testing Completed: Windows Phone Now Available

Before I write the following you should just know that I do not have, and have never had, an Apple iPhone, nor do I have, or have ever had, a Windows Phone. I have a rather dated Android OS Motorola Defy and my primary reason for picking the Defy about two years ago was not its operating system, or the embedded camera, or any other of it ‘smartphone’ capabilities—I have never used it to surf the Web or use Facebook (I don’t actually even have a Facebook account that is active). My two primary reasons for going for the Defy at the time were  its awesome antenna for use in low signal zones as I spend a far bit of my time travelling in regional areas (going to and from work), the fact that it is ruggedised (can take the knocks and is waterproof), and its four to five day battery life.

Having said that, I find the new Nokia adverts (in America) for the Windows Phone very funny. I think they are very clever and no doubt whoever it was that came up with the idea got a huge bonus for thinking of it.

betaTestThe story line that Nokia is following in these new adverts (of which there seems to be four at this stage) is that all the smartphones up until now were just everybody helping Nokia out with beta testing. They were the ‘industry’ working out how a smartphone should look and how it might work to give the user the highest quality and the best experience. And the result of all this beta testing, with the whole Android community and Apple chipping in to helped Nokia (along with Microsoft) to get it done, is the Windows Phone.

So the bottom line of these well put together adverts is that you can now get rid of all those beta testing Android and Apple smartphones that came before (up until now) and buy the finished fully beta-tested released version with all the beta testing findings from the last four years engineered in—which is the Windows Phone, and specifically the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

If you have not caught any of these “Smartphone Beta Testing” adverts then following are a couple of links—here and here.

If you want to find the other adverts you can go to the smartphonebetatest site which is supposed to be the world-wide smartphone beta testing site, but again is just part of the overall advertising campaign. The image above links to that site.