Why Girls Sext

Answer: The Urge to Sext Naked Self-portraits is Primal for Females

Sexting is when someone texts with an attached image, or otherwise sends (maybe via e-mail), a sexy related picture of themselves to a person or persons. Statistics indicated that over 90 percent of sexting is done by females sexting revealing images of themselves to males.

The urge for females to sext males such images is not confined to the ‘common people’. Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens (see famous example picture), Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and many more have been caught out sexting since the smartphone became everyone’s favourite technology toy.

VanessaSelfPicRecent research, part of which is provided here at the Wired magazine Web site, delves into why it is mainly girls that do this. It turns out, like so many other things we do, that it is primal. It is something that has been encoded deep within female’s minds over tens of thousands of years.

To quote from the Wired article, which in turn quotes Madame de Stael (I have no idea who she is), “The desire of the man is for the woman. The desire of the woman is for the desire of men”.

In other words men lust after women and have done so since the beginning of time. This is something all (heterosexual) men know and understand very well. What is not quite as well known, to us men anyway, is that women get their excitement by being lusted after by men.

As the Wired posting goes on to point out, being desired by males is one of the most powerful turn-ons for women. It matters little whether she intends to offer the male(s) more; it only matters that males desire her and want her. The more common sexual fantasies of most (heterosexual) women reflect the desire to be sexually irresistible to males—to make males want them.

The theory is that it is this very powerful primal drive that causes girls and women to take, or have taken for them by someone else, revealing pictures of themselves to be sexted to males—to enhance the thrill of being ‘desired’.

There are a number (probably hundreds) of Web sites that trawl the InterWeb for sexting pictures that they can pull from facebook, flickr, and tumbr, etc. As well they encourage men (and boys) to send in sexted pictures from their girlfriends, or any other girls that have sent them sexts. Sites such as What Boys Want and 4Chan.

The problem with sext pictures is that the quality is usually pretty bad. Typically they are taken in low-light situations so there is a lot of digital noise (see the Vanessa example above). Often they are out of focus (errr, see the Vanessa example above). Generally, as the girl is holding the camera out to take the picture of herself, there is camera shake going on (hmmm, see the Vanessa picture above). Also the lighting is usually not balanced so you get a green cast from fluorescent lighting, an orange cast from incandescent lighting, or a blue cast from halogen lighting (yep, note blue cast in Vanessa picture above). Then the picture is often taken at an awkward angle as she holds the camera out at arms length (you guessed it, see Vanessa picture above). Finally there if often ‘flash-back’ from the mirror, if they are using the mirror technique (which Vanessa managed to avoid in the example above).

Someone should really tell these girls to buy a half decent compact camera and a tri-pod to mount it on. But I guess the problem then is getting the picture from the camera to the smartphone so it can be sexted. Hmmm.