Site Statistics: SCN Makes it Back Into the Top 10 at No. 6

After almost three years of posting the first thing I still do every day when I get onto a computer is check the stats for Abalook. This morning I also had a look at the Top 10 for the week, which I have not done for a while.

Following is this week’s Top 10 table showing the view counts for the week. All entries are hyperlinked so you can use them to open the corresponding posting—should you wish to.

1 Adrianne Palicki Chosen To Play Wonder Woman 389
2 Amazing Transformation: Designed Desktop Wallpaper 179
3 Titbit: Hunger Games “Amazing” 133
4 De-motivational Posters 108
5 “Believe it or Not” Amazing Optical Illusion 80
6 SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2): 500th Post 77
7 A Quick Update on the Updating of the Categorisation of Posts 52
8 The Last Australian Issue of FHM 49
9 Meanderings: Luminous-Landscape to MacKenna’s Gold 41
10 Might Have to Watch More Tennis: Arantxa Rus 41


The total number of views for the week was 1,709. This is the count of posting views which is not to be confused with the number of unique visitors. A unique visitor might view four, or five, or ten different postings on a daily visit.

Top10June1It was not the least bit surprising to see the Adrianne Palicki posting at the top in the number one spot with almost 400 views for the week. Although the popularity of this posting is starting to fall away it is still consistently getting the highest number of views. This posting has generally managed to remain in the Top 10 every week since it was first posted back in February 2011.

The Hunger Games posting at number three has maintained good traffic since I posted it but it often drops out the Top 10. It would seem that over the last week there has been some renewed interest in the Hunger Games. All of these hits seem to have come from Google searches.

Top10June2Even though the Falls Farm Shoot posting of SCN only had 77 views for the week it managed to get back into the Top 10 at number six. I realise that the popularity of this posting is not related to my awesome (cough) skills as a photographer and that it is SCN herself that viewers are linking over to see; but it is still exciting to have pictures that I took getting some views.

The posting in the number seven slot is interesting. This posting is a relatively short and pretty boring posting (to me at least). It consists of only ten sentences in five paragraphs and does not contain any pictures. The subject is my recent mini-project to enable the SquareSpace categories widget and about the tedious work of then opening every posting I have ever made and putting them into categories.

I just don’t understand how this posting made it into the Top 10. Even more confusing is the fact that this posting consistently appears in the Top 10 and is sometimes in the Top 5.

I have looked at the contents of this posting a number of times trying to work out why people are viewing it. The assumption being that there is some interesting grouping of words in the posting that Google is indexing that is then causing people to jump to the link. Maybe some accidental word alignment like “Emma Stone topless” or “Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures”. But after studying the wording a number of times I cannot work out what it could possibly be that people are hitting via a Google search that would then excited them to the point of clicking over to the posting.

If anyone can work out what it is that is embedded in this post that causes people to find it using Google and then link over to check it out then please let me know what it is. It has me baffled. Unless, maybe, there is just a huge amount of interest in categorising Web site postings?