Cute Babe 008: Heather Graham


Time for another Abalook Cute Babe feature. This time it is my pick and I I have picked Heather Graham.

HeatherG02I think I first came across Heather in Twin Peaks. About now my regular readers will be going “Oh No! … I hope he is not going to go off for ten paragraphs now about Twin Peaks again”.

No. Not ten paragraphs. But I will just quickly point out that Heather Graham played Annie who was Special Agent Cooper’s love interest in Twin Peaks.

At right is a picture still from Twin Peaks where Annie is serving Special Agent Cooper in the diner.

The following picture is a crop from a what was once a popular desktop wallpaper of Heather. Clicking on the picture [Use Ctrl+Click to open in an new Tab] will open the full size 1920x1200 wallpaper version of this picture from the Abalook SmugMug folio (no password required)—without Heather’s legs chopped off.




The cropping above comes from a 1600 x 1200 wallpaper. As usual click on the image to get the full size wallpaper from the Abalook SmugMug folio [Use Ctrl+Click to open it in a new Tab].

Fortunately for us males Heather is one of those amazing women who understands a little more than most how massively visually orientated us men are and, knowing this, she is prepared to indulge us a little when she appears in public or on talk shows.


HeatherG07For some reason Heather seems to get a spattering of negative press these days. Not too sure why. I think she is still very easy on the eye and I like her attitude of flaunting it while you still have it. ‘It’ doesn’t last forever and once ‘it’ is gone then it is gone forever.

Digging back and finding these pictures of Heather is almost enough to make me want to watch Twin Peaks all the way through again just to get to see her as Annie again. Maybe I should.

It must be a couple of years now since I last watched Twin Peaks.

I wonder whatever happened to that special pan’and’scan 16:9 edit of Twin Peaks that was supposed to be being produced? That never turned up.

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