Top 3 For the Week: Adrianne, Emilia, and Anne

The Top 3 postings for the week up to Sunday were the postings for:

  1. Adrianne Palicki Chosen to Play Wonder Women (here).
  2. Cute Babe 009: Emilia Clarke (here).
  3. Anne Hathaway in Full Costume as Cat Woman (here).

Regular readers will know that, for whatever reason, Adrianne Palicki has been in the Top 5 just about every week since I first did the posting about her. I really don’t know how she has managed to maintain such a high hit ratio and viewing count for so long. You would think that all those that wanted to link over and check out my posting about her would have done so by now and that the popularity of that posting would start to lose its never-ending Top 5 rating. But it seems not.

Maybe it is the same 280 or so people and they check in and link over on various days during the week just to keep her in the Top 5. Could be! You never know. Or it could just be the same 50 or so people and they check in every day. Or maybe it is just one really devoted fan of Adrianne who has 30 or 40 PCs and he links over from each one every day to push the count up.

While Emilia Clarke only gets about half the views that Adrianne gets she still makes it easily into second place. Emilia’s posting has been popular since I first posted it. I have not done a count back back I would say that my Cute Babe posting featuring Emilia has been far and away my most popular Cute Babe posting—out of the whole nine that I have done.

Then with only 38 views less for the week than Emilia, the stunning Anne Hathaway has made it into the third slot.

Maybe I should give up posting my informative postings because they never even make it into the Top 10, and if they do it is only for a week or so.

It’s the girls that always get the link overs and the views.