Been Off Sick a Few Days

Today I finally got back in front of a computer after being laid-up in bed for the better part of the last three days. I still ache a bit here and there, mostly there and there, and I still break out in a horrid cough about every hour or so; but I am much better today than I was. Much better.

I don’t know what it was I got but it sure hit me hard and I am one of those people that frequently cruise through cold and flu season without catching anything.

Not this winter but . . .

I went to bed in the motel on Thursday after having a Chicken Treat “southern fried” three piece pack with two corn cobbetts (I only ate two of the chicken pieces). I was feeling pretty chipper and looking forward to an early start and lots of good progress on my project in the morning. Then I woke up Friday morning and it was a struggle to stand steady after getting out of bed. I was all congested up and when I started coughing I could not stop. On a couple of occasions I wondered if I was going to get to inhale again.

So I had to revise my plan. I packed my car, which took a lot of effort in my weakened state, booked out, and started out on the 2.5 hour drive for home. No way I was taking this bug into work to share with my fellow slaves. Anyway, I seriously doubted I could have made it up from the car park to the office building carrying my bag.

The drive back to Perth was marginally challenging. During my coughing fits I often lost my breath for a short time or my eyes would be running so much from coughing I just about could not see. So I would need to pull over until I recovered. But you know how this works right? The gods have a clear view of the road as well (that’s why they are gods) and they would save my coughing fits until I was on a section of road that offered no safe place to pull off.

I made it back to base and basically spent the last three days either in bed or in the TV room recliner, which is basically another type of ‘bed’. All I managed to eat each day was two slices of toast with honey on them. Even so, I bet I have put on about 5 kilograms.

But today I feel a lot better and at this point I am planning to head to site tomorrow.