Only 17 Posts in June

Just looking back over my posting history I notice that I only did 17 posts in June. This makes June my lowest posting month for the year so far.

Interestingly, or maybe not, I see that I also only did 17 posts in June 2010 as well. But I did 18 in June 2011.

I think the reason for the relatively low post count this June is the plummeting number of visitors to my site. It sort of takes the excitement out of crafting up a post and pushing the “Publish” button in Live Writer when you know your site numbers are falling.

Or maybe there is just something about the middle of the year that causes my interest in posting to wane.

Or maybe it is the winter season—although you would think that in winter one might spend more time indoors, and hence, creating more posts for publishing.

So I am probably right with my first guess; the falling numbers of visitors has taken the edge off creating new posts.

I guess we can but wait and see how July works out.