In the NYT: ‘Middle’ American Being Baked

Global Warming? There Is No Evidence . . .

This has not been reported on any of the TV news that I have seen here but large parts of America are suffering an “unrelenting and record-setting heat wave” (John Eligon and Marc Santora from the New York Times—click the image below to link over to the source article in the New York Times).

NYTheatwave1St. Louis has suffered through 10 straight days of temperatures over 100˚F (about 38˚C).

The unrelenting heat has caused roads to buckle, ponds to dry, trains to derail (so it says in the article), and crops to die in the fields. At least 36 deaths have so far been directly attributed to the heat.

Some of the people caught up in the heatwave are starting to compare it to the American ‘dustbowl’ drought of the 1930s.